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Guidance and Counseling Program

CISD believes that a comprehensive, developmental guidance and counseling program is vital to the achievement of excellence in education for all students.

Student success is the number one priority of all CISD counselors. The educational system of today’s society is under great demands to meet the ever increasing needs of all students. The guidance program plays an integral role in helping students to achieve maximum academic and personal successes through a total education program.

Developmental guidance and counseling programs include sequential activities organized and implemented by certified school counselors with the support of teachers, administrators, students, and parents.

Through these activities, students in grades Pre-K through 12th grade will develop:

  • An understanding of self which leads to the development of self-confidence
  • An acceptance of responsibility for self
  • A strong motivation to achieve
  • Decision-making, goal-setting, communication, planning, and problem-solving skills
  • An understanding of various cultural groups, and the nature of relationships
  • A strong sense of personal values and social skills

Guidance Resources/Favorite Links: