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Mission and Vision

Sundown Lane Elementary

Our Vision:

To make a difference in the world by developing future leaders and citizens who will seek solutions, never give up, and treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Our Mission:

Sundown Lane is a joyful place of learning where every student is loved, encouraged to dream big for their futures, and equipped to realize those dreams through a strong educational foundation, social and emotional wellness, and a growth mindset.  

Our Slogan:
​Making the world a better place one hawk at a time.

Our Motto:
​Every student, Every day

Our Hashtag:

Our Collective Commitments

The Sundown Lane staff commits to:

  • recognize and value the uniqueness and gifts of every individual (students, parents, and staff), and to never allow circumstances to be obstacles to success.

  • build loving relationships with each other and every student through empathy and acts of kindness.

  • building and sustain a positive learning environment by treating each other, parents, and students with respect and courtesy.

  • partner with parents and welcome families as part of our learning community.

  • ensure the safety of our students physically, emotionally, and socially.

  • convey school pride

  • create a culture of continual improvement for ourselves and our students through setting goals, inviting feedback, being open to change, focusing on results, and celebrating growth.

  • develop tenacity, stamina, and a “never give up” growth mindset in every student through example and expectation.

  • create engaging meaningful rigorous lessons that inspire lifelong learning.

  • teach bell to bell with targeted intentionality and joyful passion.

  • differentiate instruction to ensure that each child meets their full potential.

  • cultivate thinkers, problem solvers, and collaborators.

  • encourage risk-taking and innovation.

  • use technology in innovative ways to engage learners and prepare them for their futures.

  • support each other and collaborate as a team to ensure instruction and learning is the best it can be.

  • communicate by being fully present, actively listening, maintaining an open mind, and courageously communicating needs and ideas for the good of Sundown Lane.

  • Above all, Sundown Lane Staff commits to… every student, every day.

Character Counts

CISD Big 5
Team Work
Problem Solving/ Critical Thinking
Conflict Resolution

Sundown Lane Life Skills
Growth Mindset
Personal Pride