Sunny Start

Sundown Lane doors open each day at 7:25. Students are supervised in the gym and the cafeteria by staff on duty. The breakfast line is open from 7:25-7:45 for any student who wishes to eat breakfast at school. Students who are not eating head to the gym for Sunny Start. 

Each day at Sundown Lane, we begin our day with a happy walk with friends around the gym.  Students are supervised by teachers on duty, who occasionally pause the walking to invite students to participate in a fun activity where students get the opportunity to meet new friends and learn more about each other.  All other teachers join students in the gym at 7:45 for a short whole school assembly. 

Sunny Start is a time when we say pledges, have a moment of silence, hear announcements, celebrate birthdays, and recognize student successes and accomplishments. We also have short whole school social skills lessons. 

We love starting our day off on a positive note as a “family”.